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See You at IT Career Expo 2022

What do you need right now to grow professionally? If the answer to this question is more career opportunities, then the event we are going to talk about in this article is the gold mine you are looking for. On September 24, 10 AM sharp, we will be waiting for you at IT Career Expo...

Junior to Medior Program (JtoM), 3d edition – the development of 5 new solutions

Starting with October 2021, our colleagues have been involved in various trainings in order to enhance their competences, so that they’ve been rotated through such topics as: UX/UI, Frontend, Backend, QA, Project Management, DevOps, IoT and others. We still do consider that it is extremely important to develop soft skills along with the technical ones. Thus, we’ve undergone a training on Soft skills and Public Speaking as an integral part of the whole JtoM program.

ISD & TUM – a Symbiotic RelationshipISD & UTM – a Symbiotic Relationship

The elevation of an industry stands on something more than just pure time synchronization or certain circumstances. It takes more than what we see at the surface, it is about the rock-solid foundation, the pillars that put that bridge together. Any industry is an entire ecosystem made of different important elements, which just happen to work so well as a wholeness. And of course, the leading role is taken by great minds that are acting at the right moment, in the right place, and with the right people by their side.

The WHO and WHY of the JAVA Internship programs

The Java internship at ISD is a great opportunity to acquire new knowledge, improve your IT skills and get a well-paid job. Here is everything you need to know about the experience you will obtain, as well as some insights from a couple of our ex-interns, who happily joined us as full-time members after their internships.
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