See You at IT Career Expo 2022

September 12, 2022by Mihaela Binzari

What do you need right now to grow professionally? If the answer to this question is more career opportunities, then the event we are going to talk about in this article is the gold mine you are looking for.

On September 24, 10 AM sharp, we will be waiting for you at IT Career Expo 2022, the biggest yearly event in Moldova related to tech career orientation. For this edition hosted by Tekwill, ISD has prepared not only the traditional expo stand, but also 2 workshops for those interested in project development and CV writing.

Visit us at our stand

We bet you would like to know more about ISD and the opportunities you could have by joining our team. Alina Scutaru, Iulia Mindru and Corina Plamadeala – our Recruitment colleagues – will meet you at our stand, ready to talk to you and answer all your questions.

Participate in the workshop ‘How Does a Real Project Development Look Like?’

If project development sounds like something that makes you curious, then you could get interested in hearing real time insights from professionals that practice it on a daily basis. Victor Osipov, .NET Team Lead at ISD, will guide you through the challenges and risks of the process, the tech stack involved in different kind of projects according to the needs of the customer, the impact a developer could make on a product and on the client’s business – and many more.

Learn how to write a top-notch CV

Building a CV that makes you look like a professional and increases the companies’ interests in your profile is challenging, but with the right pieces of advice, the result could put you in the limelight. Iulia Mindru, IT Recruitment Specialist, will share with the participants the key elements of a CV writing process, the language to use, the do’s and the dont’s and some recruiters’ insights for an outstanding CV, within the workshop ‘CV Writing – What It Takes to Stand Out?’.

Save the date, follow us on social media for updates, and see you on September 24, at Tekwill.

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