Junior to Medior Program (JtoM), 3d edition – the development of 5 new solutions

At ISD, we are truly committed to empowering individuals to achieve their professional goals and to contribute to their development of abilities. In this respect, we have developed a program which aims to offer an intense, challenging and comprehensive 6 months curriculum of training sessions designed to help JAVA developers to advance in their technical and soft skills.

Starting with October 2021, our colleagues have been involved in various trainings in order to enhance their competences, so that they’ve been rotated through such topics as: UX/UI, Frontend, Backend, QA, Project Management, DevOps, IoT and others. We still do consider that it is extremely important to develop soft skills along with the technical ones. Thus, we’ve undergone a training on Soft skills and Public Speaking as an integral part of the whole program.

As an outcome of the 3rd Junior to Medior Program and all the trainings it is consisted of, the results of the program were harvested and presented at the closing ceremony depicting the intense work done by our junior developers. It is a special event for ISD, where we cherish, in the spirit of togetherness, the efforts of participants and program directors in developing a software product.

Being trained and coached all along the 6 months of the program, 5 of our colleagues participating in the program, presented solutions using Java programming language along with Spring Framework, but they also enhanced their knowledge by learning and applying other technologies, applications & frameworks in their solutions, such as Docker, Kotlin, Angular, VueJS, AWS etc.

The projects that our developers worked on included:

  1. solutions for placing orders in restaurants;
  2. managing the equipment offered to employees during their employment;
  3. a platform for reviewing and evaluating beauty salons;
  4. a shop without a cashier;
  5. an auctioning platform.

We acknowledge it was a challenging time for all participants, working many hours and having tight deadlines, but they managed to deliver great results and we are very proud of the outcomes.

We are happy to learn this edition helped another 5 developers to increase their capabilities and knowledge in the field and we are looking forward to the next edition and many more colleagues joining it.

Find more about the program here.

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