ISD STRATEGYDriving progress in the IT industry through technical excellence

Our Guiding Values


- the main quality that guides us when hiring people and doing business. We believe that it is very important to be honest, open, ethical, and fair. Displaying the highest level of integrity is fundamental to who we are.


– is vital to the delivery of a high-quality service, considering that we have had valuable industry experience within our business for over a decade. Our extensive knowledge and resourcefulness ensure we find the right skills for our customers.


– at ISD, we believe that our success is, first and foremost, the result of the dedication of our team members, by working and having fun together, side by side, towards achieving a common set of goals through a common set of values. From our Manager to our intern, we all seek to learn from each other’s experiences and to leverage the pleasant feeling of being united.

Empowering Individuals

– an artful combination of autonomy and commitment facilitated by the trust. Faster, more agile and more engaged – the new management style that facilitates the “outside the box” thinking by involving employees both as a team, and individually, in projects.

Our Mission

We create an environment that maximizes individual potential and cultivates the thirst for self-development, in order to bring the best value to our customers.

Our Strategic Priorities

The  IT industry is connected to all other industries known to mankind, from distribution & logistics to medicine or construction. Millions of businesses tend to improve and optimize their work processes with the help of software technologies. We know, there are brilliant ideas out there which just need the right technical support to be implemented. And the experts in software development from ISD have the skills and the capability to do that.

We are a dedicated team of professionals having the software technologies ingrained in our DNA and we strongly believe the key to our success is the trust we build with our customers. A trust which is based on professionalism, responsiveness and reliability.

At the same time, we are part of a rapidly changing industry, thus we grow, contribute and excel continuously in order to bring the best solutions to our current and future partners. In order to assure our presence on a larger scale and bring the best customer experience we set two strategic priorities: increase the number of customers seeking outstaffing & outsourcing services to upscale or grow their business with the support of software technologies and become the most attractive IT employer on the local market while increasing our team and our capabilities.

By this we commit to provide the best software development services to our clients and a great place to work for our people.

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