August 26, 2016


isd group

The service we offer can be easily summarized: it’s JAVA. Our offering consists of three types of outsourcing approaches:


  • The focus of this type of sourcing is to have a digital outcome for a business innovation plan.
  • The execution is very fast and dynamic and 100% out of the box.
  • The role of ISD: we bring Java expertise, knowledge of the wealth of possibilities and of course our creativity.

Product development

  • This keeps you one step ahead of the competition and brings you in line with what your customer expects.
  • Since you are working with existing applications change management is a key issue.
  • ISD adapts to your standard procedures. We are used to working in mixed teams.


  • Whatever happens: continuity is essential.
  • You require a constant supply of reliable skills for a reasonable rate.
  • This is exactly what ISD offers. We manage bug-fixing, RFCs, documentation and help-desk.

*We used the Gartner 3-tier model for defining our offering.

Your team will be formed according to your specific requirements.
Your innovation project needs another skill set, but even more important, another mind set than, for instance,  regular maintenance.

For a summary of our expertise click here.

ISD favors agile software development methodology.