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When it all started, nobody presumed at that time that it was the beginning of what would develop into a self-standing dynamic software development company.


In 2007, Radu Corlateanu, now ISD executive director, started working with Inther to support the IT staff with the logistics and warehouse management solutions. Gradually, the company’s needs grew and more and more people were involved in the IT department. What was the next logical step? Outsourcing, of course. But, as you surely know, when it comes to that, there are usually all sorts of problems involved, starting with time differences and long-distance to insufficient language skills and cultural incompatibility. This is why Moldova was the perfect solution. It eliminates all of these issues, and in addition, provides a big talent pool of qualified IT specialists.

First and foremost, you will now see us at a stable level where we work well remotely, as well as on-site, when necessary together with your staff. You can have a strong executing capability at a very reasonable price. So, outsourcing with us lowers your ICT costs while maintaining high-quality standards and a fresh perspective. Moreover, the experience with Inther Group, our Dutch partner, taught us a lot and is still helping us bridge any potential cultural gap. It is important to point out that in our successful working relationship with Inther and its clients, we gained a good understanding of this environment. You will agree with us that there is a need for efficient and creative IT solutions. World-level companies such as DHL, Ford, Bavaria, Ester Lauder have experienced our outstanding results. And to vouch for that, we have their full confidence in our ability to come up with the picking and storage solutions for internal warehouses that are best suited for their situation.

What else have we learned working with the Dutch, Belgian and international businesses? Among other valuable lessons, you can be sure that we focus on both the specifics of each business and its individual needs as well. This way we can identify your potential and come up with a perfect, timely solution. This is also the reason why we greatly emphasize the role of good communication and clear understanding.


In 2008, as the projects multiplied and the team grew, we thought it was time to adapt to the larger context. As a consequence, our outsourcing IT department became a company on its own, with a young adaptable, highly dedicated English-speaking team of Java specialists, with a high and consistent quality of skills. At the same time, we felt the need to optimize our processes. So, now you can see us working according to the Agile Methodology and the SCRUM approach, which enable us to avoid bottlenecks.

Until now, our projects mainly involved warehouse logistics, management and automation, but we have much more to offer. We strive to invest our potential into new projects that aim at bringing the best and most suitable solutions to each client. These can be your projects. We are looking for opportunities to expand and diversify our client base and our expertise. Our positive growth trend is a natural evolution of a high-performing company and we want to share all the advantages it brings us with those who are striving for the same things.

A long-lasting relationship is key, so we make sure you have the best after-care assistance. At the same time, it is to our great satisfaction when the outcome of our work is useful, and we see, for example, the warehouse system using the automation programmed by us, which is bringing benefits to our client.

So, if you have an interesting project you want to develop, we are here to discuss whatever ideas you may bring to the table. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, we would be happy to see together how far we can take it.

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+ 373 22 996 170
De Amfoor 15, 5807 GW Venray-Oostrum, The Netherlands
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