LET'S GET STARTEDThe steps of our collaboration

You may or may not have worked with an outsourcing partner before. Let us tell you how we work.

From inquiry to trust

You face a challenge. Maybe you are struggling with the continuity of JAVA expertise necessary to keep your applications up and running or maybe you need a team of developers & engineers to implement a project from A to Z.

Step 1.
Share your challenges
No commitment. Let’s start a dialogue by email, phone or video call.
Step 2.
We formulate a proposal
It will state clearly what you can expect and how these will be delivered. Still no commitment. Do you want to meet up before signing? It can be arranged. You are more than welcome to visit our office; we can come and visit you or you can meet with our Dutch partners.
Step 3.
Let's get started
We negotiate the offer successfully, agree on a Project Charter and start our collaboration.

From trust to a project in full swing

Depending on your needs & requirements we will be working under a particular model: extended team, dedicated team, or fixed price project. Check more information about our way of working here. We have been implementing various projects under different working models with the same customer, thus our journey together may start with a team extension and continue with a dedicated team type of model. The model defines the methodology that will be applied.

What we establish together

a clear product vision
product key features
feature requirements
market analysis & business needs
high level roadmap

You can entrust us with full project responsibility. Although we are used to be “long-distance team members” we assure that you will be working with us as if we sit in your office with daily check-ins, desk time reports & site visits. We put working software over documentation and people and communication above processes and tools.

What available resources can you bring to the table? The minimum requirements that we ask are: bring business knowledge and make clear who the product owner is.

From full swing to finish

Our collaboration continue beyond the active phase of the implementation.

Once the project is completed, it is transferred from the development team to the maintenance team. That requires another set of rules. Moreover, we can blend with your standards or introduce our own set of standards.

Occasionally the customer takes over the application that we developed. This will come fully documented with source codes. And, of course, we remain available for any further assistance.

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Do you have additional questions?

How soon can I have a dedicated team of 4 engineers/developers?

The process of onboarding and hiring is different from project to project, but on average we start our projects in about 2-3 months.

What qualifications ISD employees hold?

All ISD people hold either graduate or post-graduate degrees and all of them are fluent in English. Our talents conduct courses at the Technical University of Moldova and also, they mentor various educational programs for IT specialists. Our developers are certified by Oracle, Cisco, Microsoft & other providers.

Can I interview, or speak with the developers before hiring?

Definitely! We encourage our customers to have virtual meetings with the candidates and visit the ISD office to meet the entire team.

How can I make sure that the confidentiality is respected?

All our employees and partners signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and we also sign an NDA with our customers. Thus, all employees involved in a project, are bound to discretion and confidentiality.

How does ISD ensure the delivery of professional services?

We believe in long term partnerships, and we aim to establish a relationship based on trust and full commitment. We have developed internal programs to increase the technical capabilities of our developers, but also their capacity to establish a strong communication with our customers in order to understand better their needs and expectations.

Connect with us
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+ 373 22 996 170
De Amfoor 15, 5807 GW Venray-Oostrum, The Netherlands
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