Learn & travel in Austria: training on “TGW Stingray Shuttle System” in Wels and sightseeing in Hallstatt

July 29, 2022by Mihaela Binzari

Growth opportunities are essential for keeping the pace with the trends and innovations of the market. On July 19-20, our colleagues Victor Dropet and Ivan Vilcu, both PLC Engineers at ISD, participated in a training on “TGW Stingray Shuttle System” held by our client, partner, and supplier, TGW Logistics Group.

TGW Logistics Group is an internationally leading provider of intralogistics solutions, and a systems integrator, in charge with the planning, production, implementation, and maintenance of distribution centers – from mechatronics to robotics and to the control system and software. The company has its headquarters in Wels, Austria.

A training on “TGW Stingray Shuttle System”

On July 19-20, 2022, the company held a training on “TGW Stingray Shuttle System” where Victor and Ivan were invited. The training aimed to present the process of execution of a new system’s commissioning and the verifications and adaptations that should be performed to finish it completely. It included a theoretical and practical part. During the first one, detailed information about the Shuttle system was presented, including the integration of the software with the mechanical parts (DC motors, arms, flaps etc.), the issues that can be encountered during commissioning and the solutions for dealing with them. The practical part consisted in finding and fixing issues on a test shuttle system, from TGW’s training center. Also, a presentation of the production line from the start until the shipment to the customer was made.

The size of the training center and the specifics of the systems were impressive. For example, one of them was the prototype of a “warehouse wardrobe”, where the clothes were automatically divided, packed, and stored. It was also exciting to see that basically all the systems (conveyors, lifts, stingrays) were running for stress tests continuously, some of them for already 5 years in a row.

When asked if the training was important for their career, Victor and Ivan said that: “The training has built our confidence, because now we have a stronger understanding of the industry and the responsibilities of job. This confidence will push us to perform even better and think of new ideas that will help us and the company to excel. Continuous training keeps the employees on the cutting edge of industry developments. Accordingly, employees who are competent and on top of the changing industry standards help companies to hold a position as a leader and a strong competitor on the market.” The knowledge they gained during the training will be used for future projects.

From gaining knowledge to gaining experiences

After a 2-day training and lots of new things learned to perform better in their job, Victor and Ivan explored Hallstatt on their way home – “one of the most beautiful villages in Europe” as they called it and we can just agree with it.

They visited the oldest salt mine in the world and discovered all from how the salt was formed millions of years ago until the entire process of its extraction, where engineering solutions are used everywhere. They also went up to the 5fingers viewing platform, that reaches out like a hand over a 400 meters precipice. Unique views and some adrenaline rush are guaranteed!

After a 4-hour car trip through the beautiful Austria, they spent 2 more hours walking on the streets of Vienna, before going to the airport and fly back home.

Does it look like an experience one would like to enjoy? We say it does. And you can live it by yourself by joining our team.

And for you, how does the perfect business trip look like?

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