ISD – partner of the first ultramarathon of 100 km held in Moldova

July 12, 2022by Mihaela Binzari


Do you enjoy sports and nature as we do? Then you might be just as enthusiastic as we are of the upcoming event announced in this article.

Are you ready?

Codru Ultra Trail 100k is coming soon and we are extremely happy to partner with Moldova Trail Run in the organization of this event.

What is Codru Ultra Trail 100k?

Codru Ultra Trail 100k is the first 100 km ultramarathon held in Moldova. The running trail event includes picturesque routes through Moldova’s Codri (a forest massif placed in the central region of the country). It starts in the village Donici and offers 5 trail distances, at your choice: 15 km, 30 km, 50 km, 70 km, and 100 km.

The event will take place between August 19 and August 21, 2022.

Besides running, you might also love:

  • The camping area;
  • The ‘Pasta Party’;
  • Kids Trail Run – a route set up especially for children.

Are you already interested in? Find more information and book your place on the official site of the event, developed by ISD.

A healthy lifestyle with ISD

You might have read, seen, or listened to the fact that sports and nature are at the core of our lifestyle values. In case you missed it, take a look on our Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram pages.

We don’t only say it, we stand by it, and we encourage our team to practice sport and spend time outdoor every time they get the chance. The truth is that we also lead by example and have a lot of outdoor events for our colleagues.

Here are just some of them:

Bike event – yearly, our colleagues passioned by biking engage in riding their bikes for several kilometers, while the other part of the team waits at the finish point with barbecue, music, and all set up for a party.

Hiking – our backpacks prepared, we engage in discovering breathtaking mountain views once or twice a year.

Outdoor teambuilding – every summer, we find a destination where we don’t only connect with nature, but also have an outstanding teambuilding. It grows us as a team and inspires for further challenges.

Follow our Social Media pages to stay tuned. Or even better, apply for one of our open positions to become our colleague and you might be part of all the fun by yourself.

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