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Advantages Working with Us

Located in Moldova, ISD is you reliable & close partner for your software development projects. As a nearshore company our developers are always ready to conduct site visits, meet your team & learn faster about your project.

Cultural compatibility

When you decide to outsource, cultural differences should not be ignored. These differences are minor when near-shoring to Eastern Europe. ISD is focusing on building good communication channels by ensuring we are in sync with the outsourcing company.

A rich talent pool

The higher education institutions and comprehensive schools that formed the base of educational systems in former Soviet Union countries were mainly focused on engineering specialties. This legacy, and the presence of strong science schools, has fueled the rapid increase in the number of companies providing IT outsourcing and software development in the CEE region.

Cost reduction

The sub-continent has become the default choice for businesses looking to get their IT delivered at a lower cost. Amongst Eastern European destinations, Moldova is one of the most competitive countries. Face to face meetings when necessary are a “low-cost” flight away.

Quality services

Quality of service has become an essential parameter in off-shoring, buyers are now looking beyond labor arbitrage. High-quality outsourcing is achieved through good management and continous innovation.

Technical infrastructure

Moldova has one of the fastest wired Internet connections in the world, as well as one of the cheapest in terms of price per Mbit. The overall infrastructure is well developed which allows many users to experience good quality services throughout the country.

Language proximity

Although the official language is Romanian, a large part of the population is multilingual. Russian is the second most widely spoken language. In Chisinau, nearly all IT professionals speak English fluently.

Inther Software Development -
part of Inther Group

ISD is a spin-off of Inther Group, an international system integrator based in the Netherlands. We are located in Moldova and we started our journey as a part of Inther’s development team before becoming a company in our own right.

Today, we continue to be a partner in strategic development and maintenance for Inther, and our collaboration has evolved into a 2-way relationship. Thus, Inther is also providing the necessary support for us and our clients from the Netherlands, ensuring a solid back-up for our projects.

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    Do you have additional questions?

    How soon can I have a dedicated team of 4 engineers/developers?

    The process of onboarding and hiring is different from project to project, but on average we start our projects in about 2-3 months.

    What qualifications ISD employees hold?

    All ISD people hold either graduate or post-graduate degrees and all of them are fluent in English. Our talents conduct courses at the Technical University of Moldova and also, they mentor various educational programs for IT specialists. Our developers are certified by Oracle, Cisco, Microsoft & other providers.

    Can I interview, or speak with the developers before hiring?

    Definitely! We encourage our customers to have virtual meetings with the candidates and visit the ISD office to meet the entire team.

    How can I make sure that the confidentiality is respected?

    All our employees and partners signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and we also sign an NDA with our customers. Thus, all employees involved in a project, are bound to discretion and confidentiality.

    How does ISD ensure the delivery of professional services?

    We believe in long term partnerships, and we aim to establish a relationship based on trust and full commitment. We have developed internal programs to increase the technical capabilities of our developers, but also their capacity to establish a strong communication with our customers in order to understand better their needs and expectations.
    Connect with us
    Bulgara Street 33/1, Chisinau MD-2001, Moldova
    + 373 22 996 170
    De Amfoor 15, 5807 GW Venray-Oostrum, The Netherlands
    + 31 478 502944

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