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We offer innovation, product development and maintenance

Why ISD?

Top talent

Everyone you work with is professional, organized, and highly qualified for the work you need.


Work with us transparently as if we sit in your office. Daily check-ins and desk time reports. Constant communication via Slack/Skype.


Lower your costs by 30-40% by building a dedicated development team.

Managed service

Work with a fully-managed development service. You get a dedicated project manager at no cost.

Time Zone

We work in US/UK time zone, hence we keep constant communication and can deliver software faster.

About US

Innovation Development Maintenance

ISD is a spin-off of the Dutch Inther Group. Starting up as a part of their development team, we became a company in our own right.

Today, we continue to play the role of the strategic development and maintenance partner to Inther, but it has evolved into a 2-way relationship. Depending on the necessities, Inther supports us and our clients in The Netherlands. This way, you can be assured that our projects have a solid Dutch back-up.

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Meet The Management

Professional software engineers, coders, and architects with expertise and hundreds of hours of work. As a Dutch spin-off company, we have a very rigorous screening process to identify the best. We are experts in our fields, and we approach new challenges with passion and drive.
Radu Corlateanu
Radu Corlateanu
Success and positive feedback of customers we have so far bring a strong motivation to expand our activities and collaborations.
Dumitru Boldureanu
Dumitru Boldureanu
Team Leader Development and Innovation
Transforming into skills the potential of our young colleagues is really challenging me.
Marin Harea
Marin Harea
Team Leader Maintenance
Maintenance is OK, but what I really like is long term customer satisfaction.


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