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September 2008
Intralogistics & Warehouse
ISD members involved
20 developers & engineers

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The Challenge

Inther Group is an international system integrator that provides worldwide best-in-class sustainable intralogistics solutions extended from design to system integration into service and support.

In 2008, Inther Group was looking for talented Java software developers to cover their growing needs of technical skills. The gap of available professionals on the Dutch market determined the company to explore alternative solutions.

The Solution

The IT market of Moldova perfectly fitted Inther’s needs in terms of talents, technologies, expertise, and costs, so the group decided to rely on the wide tech talent pool provided by ISD.

Since 2008, Inther has successfully developed projects of diverse complexity in partnership with ISD, supporting companies from various industries such as automotive, e-commerce, engineering, retail, logistics etc. To address the group’s needs, ISD has always made efforts to find the best professionals on Moldova’s market on:

  • Software development. Inther’s initial demand of Java developers extended to Python, .NET and JavaScript over time. Moreover, ISD’s support scaled up from Back-End and Front-End Development to Software Architecture, Quality Assurance, Mobile Development and DevOps. Additionally, in 2011, ISD created a Service team in order to expand the capacity of Inther’s Service Department. The team is in charge of project maintenance, implementation of change requests, and extensions of already-existing projects.
  • PLC Engineering. The PLC Department of ISD started in 2014 as an answer to Inther’s struggles with their own PLC capacity. In Moldova’s market, ISD doesn’t just hire the best experts in the field but also puts efforts into increasing the pool of available PLC engineers. The company offers PLC Courses, PLC internships, and partners with the Technical University of Moldova in this sense. In 2021, ISD opened the first PLC lab in Moldova
  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. After successful collaborations with the teams of software developers, Service, and PLC, Inther has also fulfilled their needs in mechanical (since 2018) and electrical (since 2021) engineering with professionals from Moldova.

The Results

The availability of talents and the selection of the best professionals for Inther’s needs is continuously helping the group to establish productive collaborations with their clients.

Since 2008, ISD has successfully delivered more than 100 projects for Inther Group.

Moreover, ISD has also developed 3 products for the internal needs of Inther: Stock Control, Integrated Process Automation (IPA), and Inther LC Suite. Altogether, these products helped the company to reduce costs and time, optimize and improve their internal processes, as well as the intralogistics projects they implement.

“Throughout the years the ISD team has shown great flexibility in many internal and external projects - not only in software-related projects, but also in area’s like service, PLC and engineering. And always you feel the tremendous dedication and enthusiasm of the Moldovan team.”

“Throughout the years the ISD team has shown great flexibility in many internal and external projects - not only in software-related projects, but also in area’s like service, PLC and engineering. And always you feel the tremendous dedication and enthusiasm of the Moldovan team.”

Paul Hermsen
Managing Director, Inther Group




Do you have additional questions?

How soon can I have a dedicated team of 4 engineers/developers?

The process of onboarding and hiring is different from project to project, but on average we start our projects in about 2-3 months.

What qualifications ISD employees hold?

All ISD people hold either graduate or post-graduate degrees and all of them are fluent in English. Our talents conduct courses at the Technical University of Moldova and also, they mentor various educational programs for IT specialists. Our developers are certified by Oracle, Cisco, Microsoft & other providers.

Can I interview, or speak with the developers before hiring?

Definitely! We encourage our customers to have virtual meetings with the candidates and visit the ISD office to meet the entire team.

How can I make sure that the confidentiality is respected?

All our employees and partners signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and we also sign an NDA with our customers. Thus, all employees involved in a project, are bound to discretion and confidentiality.

How does ISD ensure the delivery of professional services?

We believe in long term partnerships, and we aim to establish a relationship based on trust and full commitment. We have developed internal programs to increase the technical capabilities of our developers and team leads, but also their capacity to establish a strong communication with our customers in order to understand better their needs and expectation. And ultimately, for every engagement we assign a delivery lead, who’s primary goal is to ensure high quality of our services and customer satisfaction in general.
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