HMI – a communication bridge between man and machine

December 5, 2019by Pavel B.

  The Human–Machine Interface is a software that interacts as a communication bridge between the operator and the machine, which provides monitoring the status of software and hardware, collecting data, supervising system and controlling different processes. Engineering technology is living in the world of interconnectivity. To operate different devices of the system, like conveying systems, sorting, storage-retrieval machines etcetera – Human Machine Interfaces are becoming more complex and flexible.

Different versions of Siemens Comfort Touch panels

  Nowadays HMI software must automatically focus the operator’s attention, in the shortest time, on the appeared problems, but also regarding abnormal conditions. Enhanced situational awareness should help the operator see the actual status and act accordingly ASAP.

  For the customer, the HMI is the first thing to interact with, so in this case, the design and flexibility are the client’s experience and satisfaction. And for “Inther” the main goal is to fulfill these aspects.

  HMI represents, first of all, a Display that could be a touch panel, a stand-alone terminal base or even server-grade hardware.

  “Inther” normally uses Siemens touch panels (installed directly on the PLC cabinet) or mobile panels. But it is a separate device connected via Profinet and programmed in Simatic Tia Portal software. HMI is independently programmed and communicates directly with PLC. Display sizes vary from 4 inches to 12. Failsafe version has an Emergency button, key access, and a Deadman button.

Mobile panel KTP700F

  “Inther” is always keeping up with modern technologies, but the HMI software still puts safety first and has:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Advanced features
  • Modern design

  HMI software is ideal for the conveying system, because of it’s constant access to various controls and checkings. Here’s where the human-machine interface comes in as a helping hand.

  The actions and the possibilities are quite rich for the software part. It allows you to create object shape, make it move or interact directly with PLC, add an event, some animation, screens, Pop-ups, faceplates, and many others. Also, it supports Visual Basic, for scripting.

Overview page/Manual mode for conveyor

  The navigation possibilities:

  • Information – about Inther company;
  • Overview zone – it’s possible to see the real status of the system and the number of errors and warnings;
  • Manual mode – manual control of each conveyor or a special machine;
  • Diagnostics – statistics and special errors scanners;
  • Equipment – status showing, if there are special connected machines;
  • Log In – safety measures and control over your actions.

  As “Inther” evolves along with the permanent growth of the new technologies and constantly develops new software design and features.

Old Inther HMI design

Brand new Inther HMI design

  You can not name a system as ’modern’ without the HMI Software. Why? Because it’s improved to help you understand the real situation on-site, it speeds up solving any appeared warnings and errors. Improve the System you use into a more efficient and profitable one.

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