About the client:

PrimeVision is a global leader in computer vision integration and robotics for logistics and
e-commerce. As an award-winning company, Prime Vision designs and integrates solutions using the latest recognition, identification, and robotics techniques to optimize the automation of sorting processes. The company operates in the following fields: CEP Market (courier-express-parcel), Postal and E-commerce.

The challenge:

Prime Vision approached us with a concept of the solution for automating the sorting process, including real-time asset tracking and monitoring in the logistics industry.


Our goal was to focus on the technical part, while ensuring that our team is fully engaged in the project and is synchronized with the customer. Our customer already had an in-house team and needed some extra skills, so we opted for the extended team model that implies sharing development time and expertise on solution architecture.

The complex solution for logistics centers and warehouses that we have been working on is used for real-time monitoring of the workload.


The team works according to the classic Agile Scrum methodology with 2-week sprints and a team of up
to 15 people that cover Architecture, DevOps, Senior Software engineering, Automation Testing and Frontend engineering.

The solution is based on geofencing (on the hardware side) and a software platform:

– Geofencing, on the hardware side:

  • Ultra-high frequency tags on assets (robots/carts);
  • Anchors and beacons receive tag position signals and send them to the platform/server;
  • Industrial grade router that allows the creation of one network per customer (VPN).

– Software platform:

  • Central server – history of the movement of each asset;
  • Cloud platform built with latest .NET technologies;
  • Hybrid cloud storage depends on customer needs;
  • Real-time situation monitoring;
  • VPN tunnel and adopter for secure data transfer.

“In 2021 we started our development services engagement with ISD. We were looking for a partner with who can help us with our growth strengthens our agile product development teams with highly skilled development / devops engineers. Challenge we have is to keep our “power to the expert” and self-steering teams philosophy with team members whom are “remote”. This requires, next to operating in a specialized industry, the right skilled people also having the same mentality and excitement in the team so we can deliver the products / projects the way our customers are accustomed to and praise us for.
We started out with several stand-alone projects in which the ISD members to get to know each other. I was impressed on how fast the team at ISD together with their HR department was able to get the right people / team, picked up the technology and our way of working, thus we were able to move right forward to, and I might say quite successfully, embed the ISD members within an existing product development team.” Julian Gonzalez Verbeek (Director of Technology)
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