5 things to consider when choosing your IT outsourcing partner

September 19, 2022by Mihaela Binzari

Choosing a reliable IT outsourcing partner is a strategic decision that could upscale your business in today’s dynamic market. Although it might seem challenging, there is a checklist of factors you could use along the whole process. Applying them will help you to go for the company that fits best you needs and that will support your business to develop. Let’s take these factors one by one.

Start with the geographical location

Focus your attention on IT outsourcing hubs located in a time zone similar to yours. It will help you to maintain a constant communication with the team provided by your outsourcing partner, and to avoid pain points and delays brought in by time differences. If your business is based in Europe, Moldova might be one of the flourishing IT outsourcing destinations worth exploring. Find here more reasons to dive deep into Moldova’s IT sector.

Ask for referrals

The recommendations your network or community could come with are priceless. They are one of the most trustworthy sources of information, but the fact is they won’t always fit your needs and requirements. In this case, going for online research could be of a great help. You could use resources as Clutch to check up for the top outsourcing companies to approach.

Look for the right skills

What is your business need? What is the best solution to reach your goal? Prepare the answers to these two questions before starting your communication with a potential outsourcing partner. The technical skills for the development of your product or service depend on the business need you are going to communicate. Take a look at the background of the outsourcing company to check the technologies implemented by their team and to review if they have already worked on projects from your industry.

Check on the expertise in your industry

The experience an outsourcing company has on projects similar to yours or on projects from your industry is important. They could better understand your needs, your market and bring more business value to the developed product or service. Make sure they have the expertise you are looking for by going through the case studies or success stories of your potential outsourcing partner and by checking testimonials from previous our actual customers. You can even try to directly approach their customers to find out more about the experience they had with the company.

Choose a company involved in educational partnerships

Educational partnerships signed with universities are a good indicator about the company’s appreciation on a local or regional market. Pay attention to the team members involved in teaching courses or mentoring – it speaks about the professionalism of the team, their seniority, and their expertise in tech.

Building a long-lasting partnership with an IT outsourcing company starts with the in-depth research of the market. It could take some energy and time to go through this step but applying the check points stated in this article is going to make the process more transparent and product oriented.

If you want to find out more about the full process of contracting an IT outsourcing company, check out our guide on SETTING UP A REMOTE DEDICATED SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT TEAM.


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