August 26, 2016


isd group

Our offering consists of three types of outsourcing approaches:


  • The focus of this type of sourcing is to have a digital outcome for a business innovation plan.
  • The execution is very fast and dynamic and 100% out-of-the-box.
  • The role of ISD: we bring Java expertise, knowledge of the wealth of possibilities and of course our creativity.

Product development

  • This keeps you one step ahead of the competition and brings you in line with what your customer expects.
  • Since you are working with existing applications, change management is a key issue.
  • ISD adapts to your standard procedures. We are used to working in a mixed team setup.


  • Despite any circumstances, continuity is essential.
  • You require a constant supply of reliable skills for a reasonable rate.
  • This is exactly what ISD offers. We take care of the essentials: bug fixing, RFCs, documentation and help-desk.

*We used the Gartner 3-tier model for defining our offering.

We will build your team according to your specific requirements. For a summary of our expertise click here.

ISD teams work according to the agile software development methodology, but the model can be adjusted according to the client needs.