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April 23, 2020by ISD

  “Don’t include a single line in your code which you could not explain to your grandmother in a matter of two minutes.”


  If you are in high school, a student, an employee who wants a career change or you simply want to improve your programming knowledge – then the Java Fundamentals course based on the Oracle authorized curriculum is for you.

  Organized by Tekwill, the biggest IT hub in Eastern Europe in collaboration with ISD – the classes are taught by experienced mentors who implement a more practical method of teaching.

Here are some insights from the mentors about what is happening during the course

  Nicolae Sîrbu, the most experienced mentor says that “This training is a great opportunity for a career change that certifies you in Java programming. I teach from my own experience and mistakes. I offer enough practice to gain knowledge in the domain so that everyone could achieve the exact necessary skills for a job.

  A class has a maximum of 15 people which allows better communication and constant feedback sessions.

  Stanislav Șcerbatiuc considers that the most valuable benefit of this training it’s the fact that it is oriented towards practice. “We present a pragmatic way of learning Java, covering the theory with a lot of practical exercises and commentaries related to the Java programming best practices. Focusing on achieving the OCA certificate, I believe is the first step towards becoming a real player in this field.

  Alexandru Bezu, the youngest trainer, shares that his first teaching experience was a challenging one. “It only seems easy to explain to a zero skilled person the things you do on a daily basis. But thoroughly developing the person in this field, it’s a very empowering and satisfying achievement for a trainer.

Reasons to enroll for the Java Fundamentals course:

  • You get an OCA certification that validates your knowledge, builds your credibility in the industry and increases your earning potential.
  • You learn from experienced trainers that are open to communication and after the course.
  • Compared to university classes where there is a lot of theory, you get a balance between theory and practice.
  • You receive actual book recommendations that will help you grow.
  • During the course you get many practical ways of learning and of course, homeworks – but the homeworks are adjusted to each participant’s understanding.

  The knowledge and experience gained within the course can be a starting point to your programming future. Let’s learn and grow together!

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