DevOps vs. DevSecOps: A New Security Concept (Part II)

In my previous article, I have talked about the differences between DevOps and DevSecOps from the secure software supply chain point of view. In this second part, I am going to dig deeper into angles related to the culture and collaboration within an organization, and the automated verification that can be enabled through DevSecOps.  ...

DevOps vs. DevSecOps: What Are the Differences? (Part I)

DevOps is the combination of cultural philosophies, practices, and tools that increase an organization’s ability to deliver applications and services at a high velocity. It allows to evolve and improve products at a faster pace than the use of traditional software development and infrastructure management processes. This is exactly the speed that enables organizations to better serve their customers and compete more effectively on the market. DevSecOps stands for development, security, and operations. It's an approach to culture, automation, and platform design that integrates security as a shared responsibility throughout the entire IT lifecycle.

Sensors – the way machines perceive the world

Even if you don’t always notice it, sensors are part of our everyday life. It’s them who tell you to make a stop at the filling station, it’s them who open the doors at the grocery stores and take a guess, who warns you when you’re out of coffee beans in the coffee machine?…attaboy, it’s them again. So, in this article, we’ll dive a bit deeper and discuss what a sensor is, what it can do and find out its various industrial applications.

CSS: Is It That Scary?

When I started learning Web Development I was thinking that it is going to be hard. I wondered how all the UI is done. I was expecting that there exists a special styling programming language, which requires a lot of skills and experience to make things look beautiful. I started with an important programming language - HTML.

HTML: Is It a Big Deal?

HTML is the alphabet of web development. How many web developers have HTML skills in their CVs? I’d say 90%. How many of them really know how to use it properly? I’d say 40%. The other 50% just don’t care about it. The most common case that I encounter during the projects I work in - is using any HTML tag, just to make the layout look similar to the design. If something doesn’t function as expected, it is wrapped into divs, tables, spans and so on, until it fits the design.
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