5 Best Travel Apps for Your Next Trip

July 16, 2019by Eugeniu B.

  It’s summer outside, vacation time is coming. Usually, during the summer people plan a trip to visit some beautiful and interesting places. Nowadays, it’s a common thing to have a smartphone at hand, regardless of wherever you go and whatever you do. In this article, I would like to talk about some nice apps which helped me not only during vacation trips but during business travels too.

  The first thing that you need to think of is a map. From my point of view, a good choice is MAPS.ME. This application gives you the possibility to use the map and navigation while being offline. All you need to do is to download the application from the App Store or Google Play and install it. Then download the region you plan to travel to and you’re ready to go.

  The application is very handy, it gives you a lot of possibilities, for example: to search locations by address, name or category, to add and calculate a route by different means of transport, to create bookmarks and a lot of other useful functionalities.

MAPS.ME – Offline maps, guides and navigation

Fig. 1 MAPS.ME – Offline maps, guides and navigation

• • •

  Another helpful application is PackPoint. It can happen that you may forget something when packing the luggage. In order not to repeat this mistake again, just use this app. The only thing you need to do is to fill in some basic information about the trip, such as destination, date, duration, activities you plan to have and you will receive a list of things that you should pack for the trip. Just put a checkmark next to each item you’ve put in your suitcase and you will never forget any important thing.

PackPoint: the travel packing list app

Fig. 2 PackPoint: the travel packing list app

• • •

  Nowadays, the Internet is an important part of our daily life, while traveling we need an internet connection for different reasons: communication, sharing of impressions, business and so on. In order not to spend too much money on mobile internet, it is possible to use a very helpful application. It is called WiFi Map.

  This application provides you with a list of Wi-Fi hotspots all over the world. There are two options, you can either use an existing internet connection, like hotel Wi-Fi or mobile internet, to get access to the database and see the available hotspots around your location, or you can download a specific geographical region and have an offline Wi-Fi map. For the second option, you need to pay an annual tax.

WiFi Map: Connect to WiFi for Free around the world!

Fig. 3 WiFi Map: Connect to WiFi for Free around the world!

  You can find hotspots that are near your location on the map or see them as a list. Each hotspot has some basic information, like the speed, the number of connections, the address of the location, but the most important, it can show you the password if necessary.

  Once you’ve chosen the desired hotspot, you can create a route towards that place and connect to the internet. The list of hotspots is filled in by people who have been there already and want to share this information with others. This application is a must-have for every traveler.

• • •

  Another helpful application is Flush. This application works with a database of public toilets from around the world. By using your internet connection, it can find the closest toilet to you. You can see them all on the map or as a list. Each marker on the map can also tell you whether the toilet is open or closed, if it’s free or not and if it has disabled access.

  After you’ve made your choice, you can create the route. Moreover, it is possible to register new public toilets and share their location with other users of this app. In the offline mode, it is also possible to get some basic information, however, it’s for a limited area around you.

Flush - Crowdsourced Toilets

Fig. 4 Flush – Crowdsourced Toilets

• • •

  One more interesting application for a tourist is Freetour.com. If you are interested in visiting a city, but you don’t want to spend too much money on a traditional tour, you can use this application to book a ticket for a free tour of the city. These tours are organized by local guides. You have the chance to see the most interesting places and make some new friends. The actual price of the tour consists of the tips that you leave at the end.

  So all you need to do is to choose a city you want to visit and search in the application for tours of that city. Each tour has a general description. You can choose the date and book a ticket. There is also a list of activities, the meeting point, and some reviews from other tourists.

Freetour.com - travel app for budget & free tours

Fig. 5 Freetour.com – travel app for budget & free tours

  I hope you will find this article useful, and you will have a wonderful vacation.

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