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Last year, we launched the Let's Talk Non-Tech Survey for the IT community from Moldova. The information we gathered via the survey helps us understand the vibe within the community. Moreover, it is fun, interesting, and insightful. We invite you this year to participate in the second edition of our survey.
The survey is neither boring nor time-consuming. It will take you about 5 minutes to complete.
Your answers are confidential, and the results will be shared only with the survey participants. Thank you!

IT Community Survey Results 2022

What matters the most for you, when applying for a job / planning to work in a company? (Besides salary & bonuses :))
Culture & working environment (18)
Professional growth & match (11)
Technlogy stack
Flexible hours (4)
Remote opportunities (3)
Leadership (3)
Company Reputation & Vision (2)
Location (1)

E.g. The team and working environment, Remote work opportunities

Do you play or used to play video games?
Yes (22)
No (7)

E.g. Dota2, Warcraft, Last of us, PUBG, Factorio, FIFA

When in Chisinau, what is the club/restaurant you prefer the most?

Black Rabbit, Delice d’Ange, Kiku steak & wine , Kira’s, LA PLACINDE, KFC, Kebab House, Rozmarin, Goodvin, U CEHOV, Andy’s Pizza , SINCER, Tucano, Lake house, Eli piliYum Yum Sushi, Wister kebab, Torro Grill, Avocado, Don Cezar, Crème de la Crème, LUD’s Pub, PartyZAN , 513, Folk’s, MOJO restobar

If you need help when writing code or working on your projects, what are the websites you consider “life savers”?
Stackoverflow (19)
Google (8)
Official documentation (4)
Microsoft Documentation (3)
GitHub (2)
w3school.com (2)
Reddit (2)
Others (15)
What pets do you have?
Cat (13)
Dog (3)
Parrot (2)
Hamster (1)
Turtle (1)
Chicken (1)
Snake (1)
What websites do you use in order to read news and how often do you visit them?

Telegram channels, Unimedia, Youtube, protv.md, zgd.md, point.md, stiri.md, Facebook, Jurnal tv, BBC News, ABC News, Medium, Upday-news, LinkedIn , Dzone, Newsmaker, https://www.moldova.org, Google News, Reddit, DTF, Twitter, Molodva libera, TJournal, Inoreader, eli.thegreenplace.net, Bloomberg, blog.suborbital.dev, The Atlantic, Agora, Euronews, Habr

What did you like in other countries and would bring to Moldova?
Infrastructure (14)
Culture & lifestyle (7)
Nature (4)
Innovation & Technology (3)
Salaries (3)
Education (2)
Art (1)
Economy (1)

E.g. Cleanliness and order on the streets, good roads, a better public transport system, a better bicycle system

What podcasts do you listen to?

Joe Rogan, Jordan Peterson, Veritasium, Developer tea, Seth Godin, Tech Women , Mind architect, StopFals, Radio Lumina, Fain si Simplu, Zona IT, Liquicity d&b podcasts, Данила Поперечный, The House of The Dev, George Buhnici, Disgusting Men, Lex Fridman Podcast ArtOfProgramming, About IT ppl, DotNetMore, Radio-T, http://sdcast.ksdaemon.ru/, CSSSR, Веб-стандарты, The Big Beard Theory, Zavtracast, Heresy Hub, ПанкКаст, Hеземной подкаст Владимира Сурдина, Мы обречены

If the day had 48 hours, what would you do in the extra 24? (Besides coding/engineering :))
Read & learn (16)
Sport (9)
Socialize (9)
Sleep & rest (7)
Games (6)
Creative activities & hobbies (6)
Movies (5)
Housework (3)
Connect with the nature (3)

E.g. Gaming, reading books, collecting music. Spending time with family. Get new knowledge.

What time of the year do you prefer to travel/go on vacation?
Summer (14)
Winter (7)
Autumn (6)
Spring (2)
All (6)
How does your dream company / dream project look like?

A good project is the one that maintains a big but healthy amount of challenges.

Something related to video streaming

Almost there, already.

Java at least 8, microservices, git, short standups (10-15 minutes pre day and no more)

Continuously developing project with a lot of new features and with experienced and motivated colleagues

I don’t dream about companies or projects. The current one I’m working on is sufficient for me.

Where I can make an impact

Silicone valley campus (Google, Facebook)

dream company: nice office with good lightning, plants, kitchen, snacks, gym and a slide from one floor to another

Smooth interaction with the teammates, careful planing, everyone does their job and they do it the best way they can

I wish I had a second monitor, that would’ve been perfect. Regarding the project, doesn’t really matter as long as it is built with the latest technologies.

It looks like a place where I feel comfortable with other people, can work efficiently without being pressed by someone, have decent salary (of course :D), feel needed for the company/project, have an opportunity to work with new technologies or on new ideas, I have a laptop with good performance, my own comfortable place to work.

High salary, interesting challenges, latest tech stack, work/life balanced

High salary, less work to do

Mutual benefit, mutual investment. Integrity. Trust.

Difficult to say…good relation/communication between business and IT. A clear understanding of the main goal and priorities. Best practices for CI/CD. Modern tech stack and using best practices. Company invest into employees

La moment am obiectivul de a învăța limbajul de programare Java la un nivel avansat plus la asta intenționez să mai învăț și alte limbaje de programare as HTML, SQL, Python pentru a evolua în domeniul IT. Visul meu e să lucrez în oricare companie unde să fie o ambianță plăcută din toate punctele de vedere.

useful technological startup, from zero to stable working version

Modern technologies, friendly environment, good management, 4 days working week

Enough freedom and supportive environment

Good team and happy ppl

A company that values your freedom of choice and rewards you according to your performance, not based on the mere fact of attending endless meetings and boring corporate activities ?

Та, в которую ходишь каждый день с удовольствием

I never thought

Hi-End technology stack, clear roles in team, great documentation

It has a relaxed vibe with a rest room, where you can always lay down on a couch (not sit, lay down) to refresh your thoughts for several minutes, the work spaces are wide so you could feel the freedom of your body and mind, there is a smoothie machine so you could maintain yourself with necessary microelements and vitamins, also a small sport room, the physical action puts brain on work and revigorates it. Everyone is doing their job without any reminders, and manages their work time wisely so the project is delivered on time or maybe even ahead of time.

Interesting and diverse activities. When I feel that I am impacting positively the whole project/company I am working for. Continuous learning, when you always have to stretch your knowledge a little bit more every day.

to open a IT company

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