Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that we run across at some point in our software development engagements.

What is Intralogistics?

Intralogistics is the end-to-end production and distribution processes taking place within an organization. It includes the optimization, integration, automation, and management of the logistic flow of goods and materials.

When we talk about intralogistics automation, we refer to the optimization of all the logistical flow of information and material goods within the walls of a warehouse or distribution center.

What processes can be automated in intralogistics?

There are literally hundreds and maybe thousands of repetitive actions & tasks within the warehouse, which managed manually can be time-consuming and highly likely to generate an increased number of errors. Through automation these are excluded or reduced to the minimum for most of the processes as: storage (shuttle systems, lifts, miniload etc.), sorting (sort by light, central filling etc.), packing (box sealer, labeling, printing etc.), order picking (Robot Piece Picking, pick to light, RF scanning etc.) or Measuring & Weighing system.

Theoretically, all processes can be automated, so that there won’t be any need for human intervention. The concept of “Dark Warehouse” refers exactly to this: a fully automated warehouse that operates without the use of human labor, so that we can turn the lights off and the operations will continue.

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