Top Programming Languages in 2024

September 15, 2023by Mihaela Binzari

JavaScript, Java, Python, C/C++ and C# are the top 5 largest programming languages communities globally, a SlashData report states. The source lists data from Q1 of 2023 and counts the numbers out of the 35,6 million active software developers worldwide.

But are these communities answering to the talent demand of industries players? In the first quarters of 2023, we have, undoubtedly, witnessed a surge of interest in everything that is related to AI, VR, AR, and machine learning. So did companies around the world. In their constant efforts to keep the pace with the fast-changing environment, are they also changing their needs in terms of programming languages?

To answer the question, we have extracted data from 2 global job platforms: Indeed, and Glassdoor.

Software development jobs in September 2023

Data from Indeed and Glassdoor shows similar trends in the numbers of active software development jobs, worldwide and across all industries. Companies are mainly looking for Java, Python, JavaScript, and C# developers. The demand for programming languages like Kotlin, Swift and Rust is rather low, while technologies like C, C++, PHP and Go fill up the middle places of the range.

Jobs on Glassdoor in September 2023
Jobs on Indeed in September 2024
Top technologies in 2024

According to Forbes, the top 5 tech trends in 2024 are going to be:

  • Generative AI

2023 was the start of an AI boom. ChatGPT had without a doubt an essential contribution in this sense. 2024, however, is expected to be the year when the true potential of AI is going to be unlocked. Gradually, people are going to better understand the many ways AI can benefit them and make more room into their lives for AI technologies.

  • Phygital convergence

Technologies like VR and AR are increasingly fading the barriers between the virtual and real spaces. In addition, digital twins become more popular across many industries. The growing adoption of these technologies could make 2024 a year with less perceivable differences between the two worlds.

  • Sustainable technology

Companies and countries are already focusing their efforts on sustainable technology that is environmentally friendly, reduces the carbon emissions and uses green energy. In 2024, corporations and society are going to embrace sustainability even more, from apps, to cloud computing, manufacturing, and infrastructure.

  • Cyber resilience

One in two businesses faced a cyberattack in the past three years, research says. Moreover, these attacks are expected to cost companies over $10 trillion by the end of 2024. Building resilient cyber strategies through AI, machine learning and other automation tools are going to help companies to answer to all the new and more sophisticated cyber threats.

  • Quantum computing

Quantum computers perform concurrently an immense number of calculations, leveraging intriguing aspects elements of quantum physics. In 2024, their impact might be noticed as they are embraced by fields like drug discovery, genome sequencing, cryptography, meteorology, material science etc.

Programming languages to build top technologies in 2024

The world of technology is continuously evolving, together with the landscape of programming languages. To meet the emerging trends across industries, companies should focus their attention on refining their stacks in terms of technical skills. From learning new programming languages to extending the knowledge of the already mastered ones, software development teams might be required to code in:

  • Java

Java remains one of the most popular technologies in software development for many years. The ‘Write once, run anywhere’ principle it was built on makes it a popular choice for mobile development, Cloud computing, IoT, AR and VR applications. Java is also a real-time technology, easy to integrate with other systems, secure, scalable, and robust.

  • Python

Python is an adaptable, and user-friendly programming language, with a vibrant and active global community. Its vast ecosystem of available and powerful libraries and frameworks makes it reliable for AI, machine learning, and data science. Python is already massively used to build systems for these purposes and its popularity is going to increase in 2024.

  • JavaScript

JavaScript (JS) has the largest community of developers in the world at this moment. Widely used for building dynamic and complex web applications, JS is going to remain a key player due to its high-level tools and libraries for browser-based AI utilities.

  • C/C++

Known for their speed and efficiency, C and C++ are going to be top choices for embedded systems, gaming, and high-performance computing. C is already used for building embedded systems and the trend has all the chances to continue. At the same time, C++ is a reliable option for VR applications, complex AI projects and high-performance computing.

  • Swift

Not so widely demanded at this moment, Swift stays at the core of software development for macOS, iOS, watchOS and tvOS. Its interoperability, performance, safety, and clean and intuitive syntax perfectly fits all the Apple platforms. From mobile development to AI, machine learning, server-side development and VR applications, Swift has all the chances to become the top programming language for creating emerging technologies in the Apple ecosystem.

Where to find the best talents?

Attracting and retaining top tech talents is a constant challenge for CTOs. Finding the engineers that have the technical expertise to rely on in a fast-changing environment is a demanding mission. Moreover, our practice has shown that companies are looking for people who also have the necessary business vision to guide and support their technical decisions.

Through the alternatives that could shorten the hiring path of experts in the programming languages you need, are:

  • Navigating on career platforms like LinkedIn;
  • Developing a strong referral system among your current team;
  • Attending networking events where the local talents are usually participating in;
  • Partnering with a software development provider with expertise in your industry.
Who is ISD?

ISD is a software development company with 15 years of experience in the industry. Since 2008, we have developed emerging solutions for key players in intralogistics, real estate, engineering, farming , e-commerce, and retail. Our customers come from Europe, the North America, and Australia.

If your company’s journey is about building emerging technologies and answer to the market trends, our senior developers can support you with their expertise in: Java, .NET, JavaScript, Python and PLC.

From extended to dedicated teams, and end-to-end solutions , you can start a collaboration with us to fit your needs and your company’s goals.

ISD strongly believes that building software applications goes beyond coding. Contact us and let’s create the future together!


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