February 2, 2018

Senior IT Sales Manager

Sales Manager at ISD has a role of:

  • establishing contacts with potential customers via phone or email. Identify key decisionmakers within the company with a long term need for software development
  • acquire new contacts that might be interested in ISD offering
  • converting leads into customers by assisting the full sales life-cycle (prospecting, making appointments, etc.)
  • educate contacts on our solutions and communicate ISD capabilities, benefits and competitive advantage

Required skills:

  • Sales studies or a provable equal work and mental level
  • Abilities to use remote sales channels (phone, email, sales tools)
  • Advanced English skills
  • Possessing remarkable dose of belief in oneself
  • Excellent communication skills

Learning points:

  • Gain experience in sales process
  • Practice persuasive skills (overcoming objections, closing the deal, etc.)
  • Working experience of a dynamic IT company

Expected Result:

  • Form and maintain contact with leads
  • Convert leads to customers
  • Contribute to company sales channels development


  • Dynamic and enthusiastic team
  • Great Health care
  • Opportunities to train and work abroad in Netherlands
  • Paid Lunch

In order to apply to this position please send your CV to: talent@inthergroup.com